3D scanner VT MINI V2


VT MINI V2 scanner is a perfect choice for scanning objects with a wide range of sizes. It is especially useful for small companies, individuals, private schools and other educational institutions that do not require the maximum technical possibilities of 3D scanners from the upper segment of the market, and  a fairly universal, simple and reliable tool is needed. The main purpose of VT MINI V2 scanner is reverse engineering, surface shape scanning, training of 3D technologies, scanning of artistic articles, receiving data for CNC processing and printing on 3D printers.

       VT MINI V2 3D scanner consists of two modern USB3 cameras for computer vision with lens and projector on light-emitting diodes (LED). Choice of LED projector has allowed to considerably reduce the size and weight of the scanning module, as well as dramatically increase the reliability and service life of the whole 3D scanner.

      3D scanner has excellent refining when scanning small materials and jewelries (in the scan mode by one camera) and good accuracy when scanning medium and large objects (in the scan mode by two cameras). The following modes of fragment registration is supported:

-         By the markers. When scanning overall products, such as cars or parts thereof.

-         On the rotary table. Suitable for scanning small materials and jewelries.

-         Registration of the individual fragments on its own geometry. Effectively when scanning statues or other objects that are suitable to paste markers on them

 A scan result is stored in the common STL format. You can use this result to work with different 3D applications available on the market, such as Autodesk Maya, 3DMax, Pixologic,  ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox, Rapidform, Geomagic, and many others.



3D resolution, up to 0.05 mm
Precision up to 0.015 mm
Cameras Two black and white cameras for machine vision, resolution 2.3 MP, sensor size 1/1.2', in a metal honsing. Interface – USB3.
Light source Led projector (LED) with a real resolution of  1280x800
Working distance 0.1 – 1,5 m
Number of scan areas 4
Sizes of the scan areas From 50 to 400 mm.
Number of triangles in a single scan Up to 4'000'000
Scan mode with one camera Yes
Scan mode using  phase shift Yes
Scan mode tor contrast objects Yes
Scan mode by markers Yes
"Blue light" technology Yes
Scanning mode "on the rotary table" mode Yes
Rotary table Metal body, with ball bearings. Normal load is 5 kg.
Maximum load – 10 kg.
Support external photogrammetry systems Yes
Placement On a tripod
Parallel processing Yes
Weight of scanning module 2.5 kg
Power consumption 100 W
Interface Two free USB3 port
Two free USB2 or USB 3 port
HDMI output
Export 3D model format STL
Supported OS  Windows 7, 8, 10 –64 bit
Packaging Transport suitcase with a soft lodgment
Minimum computer requirements At least 8 GB of RAM, two or more core processor
Calibration time 10 min.
Processor Intel i5 or i7 Recommended
Memory At least 8 GB, better 16 GB recommended
Video Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce series 400 Series or better with HDMI output for a second monitor.
The transport suitcase Protective suitcase with a foam tool tray under the form of the scanning module

Scanning areas
Scanning area
Area “400” Area “200” Area “100” Area “50”
Scanning area size 600x400x400 mm 300x200x200 mm 150x100x100 mm 75x50x50 mm
3D measurement noise 0.05 mm 0.025 mm 0.03 mm 0.02 mm
Resolution 0.33 mm 0.17 mm 0.1 mm 0.05 mm