3D Scanner VT Power V2

Universal 3D Scanner VT Power V2  is designed to scan objects with dimensions from 10 millimeters to 10 meters.

Main characteristics:

  • High resolution and accuracy.
  • Working with multiple scan areas.
  • Scan modes with markers, without markers, on the turn table.
  • Support of external photogrammetry (if available). Useful when scanning large objects.
  • No laser radiation.

VT Power V2
Cameras Two 2.3 Mpix modern USB3 cameras for computer vision on the new Sony matrices.
Weight of scanning module Less than 5 kg plus tripod 
Triangles per single scan Up to 4.0 millions
Scanning module dimensions 460х200х400 mm
Supported OS Windows 7, 8 -  64 bit
Power Stable power line, 220V, 500W

At least 8 GB of RAM (preferably 16 GB or more) two or more core processor.

Two USB 3 + two USB 2 port. It is possible to apply the USB3 hub. additional HDMI output

Scanning areas:
Scanning area
Area  “400” Area “200” Area “100”
Scanning area size 600x400x400mm 300x200x200mm 150x100x100 mm
3D measurement noise 0.05 mm 0.025 mm 0.015 mm
Resolution 0.33 mm 0.17 mm 0.085 mm

Two 2.3 Mpix modern USB3 cameras for computer vision on the new Sony matrices. Automatic rotary controlled by the scanner software. Bright projector allowing to efficiently scan large or dark objects. "Blue light" technology-specific interference filters, letting passing only a narrow range of blue light, can achieve higher accuracy and work in more rigid external lighting conditions. Transport case with soft lodgment.