Professional 3D Scanners
3D Scanner VT LASER
VT LASER has good performance at a great price and provides fast and reliable 3D scanning for prototyping and reverse engineering.
Compact one-camera
3D scanner VT ATOM
Professional-level 3D scanner with structured light technology. It is ideal for tasks in which it is necessary mainly to scan small objects ranging in size from a few millimeters to 10-20 centimeters.
Universal two-camera
3D scanner VT MINI
With structured light technology, it is suitable for scanning objects of any size - from a few millimeters to several meters.
The main areas of application of 3D scanners Volume Technologies
Quality control and inspection.
Using a high-precision 3D scanner, you can check whether the shape of a real object corresponds to its documentation (usually drawings or 3D models). For such an application, in addition to good characteristics, the scanner must have certificates confirming its suitability as a measuring instrument.
Reverse Engineering.
Reconstruction of the design documentation for the product according to the product itself. It is used when it is necessary to recreate a part that was produced without drawings or drawings for which are lost. In autotuning, the use of 3D scanning becomes necessary, because there is usually no access to documentation.
Industrial design.
The layout is created anew, usually manually or is the result of fine-tuning the previous version. It is digitized using a 3D scanner, and further processing is already in computer form. Usually the end result of such processing is the production of a product or its mold on CNC machines. This can also include:
  • the development of packaging of objects of complex shape
  • digitization of works of art - sculptures, statues, bas-reliefs, etc.
  • creation of digital models of characters for computer games and cartoons based on the author's model
  • manufacture of accessories and spare parts for mass production products.
  • production of exclusive furniture, fireplaces, etc.
Distinctive features of our scanners
We work every day to make the use of our scanners more convenient and efficient.
High quality
All our scanners have excellent scanning quality at a low cost.
Multiple scan areas
Support for multiple scanning areas allows you to use a single scanner to scan objects ranging in size from jewelry to cars and even more.
Scanning "no markers"
The "no markers" scanning mode allows you to scan objects such as museum exhibits that cannot be marked or coated in any way.
Scanning complex shapes
The scanning mode "with markers" allows you to scan objects with subtle geometric features (smooth parts of the car) and also significantly improves the accuracy and speed of scanning such objects.
The turntable scanning mode is especially useful for scanning small items and jewelry.
Using Blue Light Technology
Ambient lighting no longer affects scan quality.
About company
We have more than 10 years of experience in the development of 3D scanning technologies and the production of modern equipment based on them for use in production, in professional activities and in education.
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