STL and CAD formats.
It is often very difficult for a person who has recently encountered "3d technologies" to understand all these extensions and file formats. Meanwhile, it is enough to understand a simple thing - data formats are fundamentally divided into two large groups. Moreover, automatic conversions from format to format using special converters are possible within each of the groups. But between groups, such transformations are not so simple, especially the conversion of STL to CAD.

3d scanning accuracy

Even an expensive 3d scanner can provide different accuracy depending on a task it is used for, on action correction and on user’s qualification as well. May be due to this, some leading developers have removed the “accuracy” line from their technical descriptions at all and changed it with “noise”.

Scanning complex objects.

A process of scanning a quite typical order for 3d scanning is described below. It is a decoratory element of wood. Object height without the projecting bar with holes is about 400 mm, whereas its full height is 700 mm and width - about 190 mm.

Scanning the motorcycle seat.

Little by little 3d technologies occupy their place around the world. These are technologies of future, of course, if only correctly applied. A process of scanning a motorcycle seat by a scanner of our design is given below. It was necessary to carry out 3D scanning and to obtain a STL model as a result.
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