Structured Light 3D Scanners
Volume Technologies VT MINI
Volume Technologies VT MINI – 3D scanner with excellent technical characteristics combining structured light technology and high-quality technical vision cameras. High-quality components and powerful software make it possible to obtain 3D models with high accuracy and detail. The scanner is suitable for use in a wide range of tasks – reverse engineering, precision control, digitization of objects. The scanner can scan objects ranging in size from a few millimeters to several meters.

The use of black and white cameras allows you to use the "Blue Light" option. "Blue light" allows you to minimize the influence of external lighting sources on the scanning process, increases the accuracy of scanning and detail.

In the one camera scanning mode, you can scan narrow deep places on the surface of the object or small objects in the scanning area of 50 mm. The smaller the scan area, the better the detail.

The turntable is used to speed up and facilitate the scanning process. With its help, a series of scans are obtained, on the basis of which you can easily and easily get the final 3D model. It is especially convenient to use it for small and medium-sized items.

Using markers also makes the scanning process easier, especially when scanning large objects such as cars or their parts.

The mode of combining scans according to the own geometry of the scanned object is used if it is undesirable to stick markers on the object.
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Scanning in a 50 mm area, 6MP resolution
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